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Jon And Daenerys Verwandt › Netzwelt › Web. Besonders interessant dürfte für die Hauptanwärter Jon und Daenerys der Umstand sein, dass sie miteinander verwandt sind. Denn wie Bran. Jon Schnee Daenerys Verwandt Game of Thrones Special bei Sky Ticket (​Anzeige). “Game of Thrones”. Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones".

"Game of Thrones": Warum Jon zum Problem für Daenerys werden kann

Das macht ihn zum Neffen von Daenerys Targaryen. Doch der ehemalige König des Nordens ist nicht nur mit der Mutter Drachen verwandt. Warum Daenerys mit den neuen Umständen ein Problem haben könnte. Jon Snow ist König des Nordens und der Lord von Winterfell. Für ihn ist. Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Daenerys grollte Jons Vater Eddard Stark dessen Beteiligung am Sturz der.

Jon And Daenerys Verwandt „Game of Thrones“: Eine Grafik zeigt, wie Jon Schnee und Daenerys Targaryen verwandt sind Video

The Real Reason Jon and Dany Didn't Work - A Complete Failure of Storytelling

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Wo bleibt also die Frage, wie er und Dany miteinander verwandt Www.Umsonstspiele.De To recap: Daenerys lets Jon ride a dragon for the first time (she rides Drogon and he rides Rhaegal, the dragon named after his father), and the two go on a little How To Train Your Dragon-esque adventure. They land near a waterfall in the North, share some flirty lines, and a couple of kisses. Drogon is there. It's weird. With the war of the seven kingdoms over with Jon starts his journey to the east with his sister-wife Jaehera and his dragon Queen Daenerys, but they will encounter unknown challenges as the free cities band together to fight against their control. Game of Thrones takes place on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos in a setting that very much resembles the Middle Ages of Earth — though, as in. The relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones was an intriguing fans enjoyed it, but unfortunately, it was plagued by tragedy. Happy and uncomplicated. Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell together, and with their armies. They are formally received by Sansa and the remaining Starks. Later, Jon explains to those gathered at the Great Hall that he feels his political alliance with Daenerys - bending the knee to her - is more important than remaining King in the North.
Jon And Daenerys Verwandt Der junge Ned Stark fand Lyanna im Kindsbett. Sie vertraute ihrem Bruder den gerade geborenen Sohn an – Ned nannte ihn. › Netzwelt › Web. Eines wissen die meisten „Game of Thrones“-Fans mittlerweile: Daenerys und Jon sind verwandt. Nur wie genau? Wir erklären es euch. Das macht ihn zum Neffen von Daenerys Targaryen. Doch der ehemalige König des Nordens ist nicht nur mit der Mutter Drachen verwandt. 8/29/ · The two have their most intimate moment yet: Daenerys admits the dragon will be her only children and she pledges to fight the Night King; Jon "bends the knee" and announces his loyalty to her Author: Erica Gonzales. Mahjong Gratis Online Spielen starts roughly, very roughly, after Season 2 Clash of Kings and Stargames Auszahlung of Season 3 A Storm of SwordsI've taken some liberties with timing mostly because, well why not. When the two talk during a stroll at Dragonstone, Seaworth asks Snow, "What do you think of it? You might not have noticed watching it at the time, but it was kind of romantic. He Partypoker Download to return the Mormont family sword, Longclaw, to Jorah, but Spin Up refuses and insists Jon keep it. When Jon remarks that he is a fool for going south, Tyrion reassures him that Daenerys is not her father and has protected people from "monsters," just as Jon does, and this is why Daenerys has come to Westeros. She waits in a watchtower at Eastwatch, looking past the wall, waiting to see signs Wie Spielt Man Am Besten Keno of him. Melisandre says that now that she has "brought ice and fire together". Jon is unhappy that he is being kept on the island, preventing him from going back home while the White Walkers and the Night King still pose a threat. This inability of Jon's - to Pferderennen Hamburg Horn a romantic partner to Daenerys - is one of many triggers which adds to Daenerys's mental decline. She tells him that she will fight for him when he bends the knee. When Jon thanks her, calling her 'Dany,' Jon And Daenerys Verwandt recalls this is what her brother Viserys last called her and she tells Jon that's Nba Ergebnisse Heute the company he wants to keep. While aboard the boat from Dragonstone to the North, Jon knocks on Daenerys's door late at night. They seem to affect Daenerys in some way. He wishes he could take it all Wetten Champions League and wishes they had never gone on the wight hunt. Als angehende Journalistin schreibt sie wann sie nur kann, liebt Serien, Kinder und Reisen und fühlt sich im Fuchsbau pudelwohl.

When Jon remarks that he is a fool for going south, Tyrion reassures him that Daenerys is not her father and has protected people from "monsters," just as Jon does, and this is why Daenerys has come to Westeros.

Tyrion tells Jon that many of the people she has saved are on this island and suggests Jon speak with them.

Tyrion asks if there is something he can do to help Jon. After learning about the dragonglass beneath Dragonstone , Tyrion speaks with Daenerys about Jon's request to access the material.

Daenerys is preoccupied with the loss of two allies. Tyrion convinces Daenerys to let Jon have the dragon glass in order to court his allegiance.

He tells her to give him something so that they can focus on Casterly Rock. Daenerys accepts her Hand 's advice. While Daenerys is watching over her dragons, she is joined by Jon.

Daenerys tells Jon that she named her dragons Rhaegal and Viserion after her late brothers Rhaegar and Viserys Targaryen and tells Jon that she understands he has lost two brothers himself.

When Jon nods at this, Daenerys explains that people had thought dragons were extinct but they exist again and perhaps they should be re-examining what they know.

Jon realizes that Tyrion has been petitioning her as well as him. Daenerys tells Jon she is determined to remove Cersei and Jon says he knows she is.

When she says she hasn't changed her mind about the North belonging to the Iron Throne, Jon says he hasn't changed his mind either.

After a tense moment, Daenerys relents and allows Jon to mine the dragon glass, saying she'll provide what he needs. Jon calls to Daenerys to show her the dragonglass cave.

Jon guides Daenerys deeper into the cave, which has paintings of the Children of the Forest and the Long Night on the walls, as he tells Daenerys about them.

They seem to affect Daenerys in some way. She tells him that she will fight for him when he bends the knee. Jon tells Daenerys that the Northerners won't accept a southern ruler after all they've suffered, but Daenerys argues they will accept her if their king does, asking Jon if his desire to protect his people is more valuable than his pride.

After they exit the cave, Daenerys learns the news about what happened in Casterly Rock and Highgarden , which leads her to ask for counsel from Jon.

Davos notes that Jon has been developing an attraction to Daenerys. Jon overcomes his fear and reaches out his hand to pet Drogon, which the dragon allows.

Daenerys is visibly amazed by this, considering Drogon's usually aggressive personality, especially towards unfamiliar people. She dismounts, at which point Drogon flies off, and claims that the "gorgeous beasts" Jon sees are her children.

Daenerys informs Jon of her victory over the Lannisters and they discuss leadership. Daenerys later has a small war council, which Jon attends.

Jon learns that his younger siblings Arya and Bran Stark are alive and in Winterfell. Daenerys is happy for Jon. Jon wants to go home, concerned because this same message also informs him that the Night King is close.

Daenerys notes that Jon says he doesn't have enough men to fight the Army of the Dead and Jon asks her again to join him.

However, Daenerys is worried that Cersei will take advantage and march in if she turns her focus to the Army of the Dead. The council talks of capturing a wight beyond the Wall and bringing it to King's Landing to convince Cersei the Army of the Dead is real and come to a truce with her.

When Jon volunteers to lead the raid, Daenerys is jolted and says she didn't allow him to leave but Jon insists he must lead the raid and asks her to trust in him as it's their best chance to protect all their people.

When Jon leaves, Daenerys tells him that she's grown used to him. When Tyrion notices that they all fell in love with her, Daenerys replies that Jon is not in love with her; Tyrion sarcastically says he supposes he isn't, and the way he stares at her is only to pursue a military alliance.

Daenerys brushes it off, claiming that Jon is too "little" for her. Meanwhile, Jon finds himself surrounded by the Army of the Dead and sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Daenerys asking for help.

Daenerys doesn't hesitate and immediately flies her dragons beyond the Wall, ignoring Tyrion's objections, coming to his rescue. Mounting Drogon, Daenerys manages to shatter the Army of the Dead by setting some of them aflame and making way for Jon and his companions to escape on dragon's back.

However, wights start approaching them and while all the others climb, Jon stays behind to fight the wights off.

Devastated, Daenerys can only stare in horror as the dragon smashes into the surface of a frozen lake and sinks beneath the water, while an enraged Jon briefly contemplates charging at the Night King, but as the monster pulls out another spear to attack again, Jon urges Daenerys to flee.

While Jon retreats and fights off more wights, a pack of them knock Jon into the waters of the lake. A reluctant Daenerys, and the rest of Jon's party, are forced to flee, Drogon narrowly evading a second spear hurled by the Night King.

On top of the Wall at Eastwatch, Daenerys awaits the possibility of Jon's return. He arrives at Eastwatch badly wounded to Daenerys's relief. Jon is immediately loaded to a ship heading towards King's Landing.

While he is stripped, Daenerys sees his scars and is astonished, finally understanding what "taking a knife to his heart for his people" meant.

Daenerys sits by Jon's bedside when Jon wakes up. He immediately apologizes to Daenerys for the death of Viserion in their recent battle with the Night King.

He wishes he could take it all back and wishes they had never gone on the wight hunt. Daenerys tells him that she isn't sorry, as you have to see the Night King and his army to know it is real.

She realizes the severity of the threat is not just to the North, but to the living itself. After revealing how important the dragons are to her - they are the only children she will ever have - she vows to destroy the Night King alongside Jon and his army, once and for all.

When Jon thanks her, calling her 'Dany,' Daenerys recalls this is what her brother Viserys last called her and she tells Jon that's not the company he wants to keep.

Jon responds with, "How about 'my Queen'? She asks about the Northern lords who have sworn to him but Jon gently assures Daenerys that like him, they will come to see her for the good person she is.

He recognises in her the great strength of character and her devotion to defending the realm, despite losing one of her only children to the Night King, which commands great respect in him.

Overcome with emotion, Daenerys reaches for Jon's hand. She expresses pleasure that Jon has such a high opinion of her, but also uncertainty: she hopes that she is fully deserving of the respect that he has for her.

They gaze at each other for a moment but Daenerys, experiencing a mixture of emotions, gently pulls her hand from his grip as he looks longingly into her eyes.

Looking away, she encourages him to get some rest. So weit, so gut. Hat er weitere Familienmitglieder? In den Fanforen hat sich mittlerweile besonders eine Theorie gefestigt — wir bitten um Geduld, der Weg zur Spitze des hypothetischen Stammbaums ist mühsam.

Denn viele Fans sind davon überzeugt, dass Rhaegar Targaryen seinerzeit Lyanna Stark vergewaltigt haben soll und demnach Jon Snows leiblicher Vater sei.

Für diese Theorie spricht die Tatsache, dass Lyanna so sehr bemüht war, die wahre Herkunft ihres Sohnes geheim zu halten. Subscriber Account active since.

While Jon is in the Winterfell crypts staring at a statue of Lyanna Stark , his mother, Dany approaches him and asks who it is.

After he tells her that it's Lyanna, she mentions her brother Rhaegar, who was accused of raping Lyanna. He loved her," Jon says. After Rhaegar fell on the Trident, she had a son.

Robert would have murdered the baby if he ever found out and Lyanna knew it. So the last thing she did as she bled to death on her birthing bed, was give the boy to her brother, Ned Stark, to raise as his bastard.

They've basically done everything except realize they're aunt and nephew. Here, relive the biggest moments of their "relationship" from Season 7.

Both parties were hesitant to meeting at first. Daenerys was skeptical when Melisandre made an unexpected visit and told her to summon the King in the North.

Meanwhile Jon, after receiving the invitation, was urged by Sansa and his Northern Lords to stay in his kingdom. When the two finally do meet, things don't go smoothly.

Daenerys wants Jon to bend the knee and pledge the North's loyalty to her; Jon wants her to help him fight the Army of the Dead.

The first encounter is all a show of power on both sides, and neither party budges. Ultimately, she low-key holds Snow and his men as prisoners in Dragonstone.

Despite the awkward first meeting, however, we already get hints at Jon's feelings for Daenerys. After some intervening from Tyrion, Dany decides to let Jon and his crew mine as much dragonglass as they need to fight the Dead, even though she doesn't quite believe they exist yet.

Here, the two have their first one-on-one moment, right as the sun is setting on Dragonstone. You might not have noticed watching it at the time, but it was kind of romantic.

Jon calls Daenerys down to scope out the cave before he starts mining. When they're both down there—in the dark, alone—Jon shows her preserved wall carvings created by the Children of the Forest depicting their collaboration with mankind against White Walkers thousands of years ago.

Side note: This scene takes place right after Dany and Missandei have a small moment of girl talk about her sexual escapades with Grey Worm.

Jon literally interrupts their conversation, which is already a big hint. When they emerge from the dragonglass cave, Daenerys is informed of Euron's attack and their losses of Dorne and Highgarden.

Furious, Dany scolds Tyrion for his failed plans and threatens to fly her dragons to the Red Keep herself. She then turns to Jon and asks for his opinion.

He hasn't been there long, but she's already trusting him with major decisions.

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Jon And Daenerys Verwandt
Jon And Daenerys Verwandt

Jon And Daenerys Verwandt

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